Our Story

Eyewear has evolved.

In 2001, Zoff got its start from a simple question, “Why are glasses so expensive? Why, if we wear them everyday, and they affect our appearance and impression we make on others, are there so few shapes and colours available?” This bold question turned into a huge driving energy that led us to launch the company without hesitation.

Today, Zoff is synonymous with a revolution in glasses, attributing to our revolutionary business model of reasonable, affordable pricing and same-day readiness. These were factors unimaginable and non-existent in the eyewear industry in the past.

Zoff sets itself apart with a wide selection of lenses and frames. Staying true to one of our main core values “Always Fresh”, we stay ahead of the fashion trends by rolling out new designs twice a month. With our collection of eyewear kept constantly fresh, customers can achieve the look they want with our glasses.

zoff story

Zoff challenges itself to provide customers with the most enjoyable shopping experience. We first opened doors in 2001 at Shimokitazawa, Tokyo with a bright and casual interior never seen before in glasses shops at that time. The neat and open layout without eyewear locked behind glass cases made it simple and approachable for customers to pick up any frames to try on. This DNA in Zoff’s formula was further extended with the opening of Zoff Mart in Japan in 2015. The expansive interior and selection liken to a supermarket, another first in the eyewear industry. The motivation behind this is to create a fun and holistic shopping experience for all.

With more than 200 shops in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, Zoff endeavours to continue evolving for the next 100 years and usher in a new era in which eyewear takes centre stage.

Enjoy Your Glasses!