Myopia rate among children in Singapore is on the rise.

In fact, the prevalence of childhood myopia here is “one of the highest in the world”, according to an article on the Singapore National Eye Centre website (2019). The rise in myopia level tend to occur rapidly for children ages 5 to 15 years, and typically stabilises by their early 20s, as pointed out in the article. Factors contributing to this rise include body growth as well as the increase in near-work activities and handheld devices. 

If your child often complains about squinting his/her eyes to see the classroom board clearly in school, Zoff’s U-15 Programme will help to ensure your child always has the right prescription to his/her eye care needs.

Zoff U-15 Programme is an initiative established to support the rapid changes in children’s eye prescription. 

Zoff U-15 Programme Eligibility for Complimentary Exchange

A Worry-Free Experience

To allow parents to have a worry-free experience in choosing glasses for their little ones, Zoff has designed a series of kids’ spectacle frames with functionality, safety and design in mind.

Zoff Kids Eyewear Glasses Unique Selling Point Safe Reliable Material Slip Resistant Design

Selection of Children’s Glasses