Let the world of Snow White and Rapunzel shine through the new Disney Princess Spring Classic Line.

Available in all Zoff physical stores * Except Zoff @ LUMINE

Get ready to be dazzled by the newest additions to the Disney Princess Line this Spring feature Snow White from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and Rapunzel from Disney’s “Tangled”!

Snow White 2 Designs, 4 Variations | From $178

See the inspirations of Snow White’s kind and optimistic personality revealed through the intricate elements on the eyewear temples in this line up.

Wellington Combination

ZF201001_28A1 / Red

ZF201001_48A1 / Brown

Boston Metal

ZF202003_14E1 / Black

ZF202003_43E1 / Brown



Iconic apple ornament can be found on both sides of the temples, embellished with a sparkling red rhinestone.

Made of durable beta-titanium, the skinny temples mimic thin branches of the forest trees in the enchanting fairy tale.

The temple tips are modelled after the puffy sleeves of Snow White’s dress, with her silhouette imprinted on the inner end.

Comes with a cleaning cloth with an illustration of Snow White, and an apple-debossed eyewear case.

Rapunzel 2 Designs, 4 Variations | From $178

Explore new dreams with Rapunzel with this line up, featuring the magical, golden hair of the spirited and adventurous princess crafted in beta-titanium for a lightweight and trendy finish.

Boston Combination

ZF201002_43A1 / Brown

ZF201002_81A1 / Purple

Boston Metal

ZF202004_43E1 / Bronze

ZF202004_56E1 / Gold



The temples are recreated based on Rapunzel’s long lustrous braided hair, adorned with a purple rhinestone.

Metallic temples made of durable beta-titanium keep the frame lightweight and trendy.

Hair lines are etched on the temple tips to mimic Rapunzel’s golden hair, with her silhouette imprinted on the inner end.

Comes with a cleaning cloth with an illustration of Rapunzel, and a floral-debossed eyewear case.


Original case and eyewear cloth set

All purchases of Disney Princess Line will come as a set along with a matching cleaning cloth and eyewear case.