Choose from 2 levels of blue light reduction ratio with our zero prescription, computer glasses

Protect your eyes from excessive blue light with our computer glasses at an affordable price of just S$98. With two levels of blue light cutting ratio, choose a pair that suits your lifestyle in new, trendy metal designs.

NEW IN! Safeguard your little ones with our new KIDS PC Package at just S$98! Zoff KIDS PC Package are computer glasses in kid’s size, with 35% blue light cutting ratio, and are now available in all Zoff physical stores*.

*Zoff KIDS PC Package is available at all Zoff physical stores, except Zoff @ ITE College Central.

Recommended for those concerned with lens transparency

Recommended for those concerned with blue light protection level

Concerns over lens transparency

  • Suitable for people who:
  • Work long hours under brightly lit conditions
  • Prefer lenses with a more natural colour for daily wear


    • Boston
    • ZN201P02_49A1
    • ZN201P02_64A1
    • Square
    • ZA201P02_14E1
    • ZA201P02_43E1
    • Wellington
    • ZC201P02_14E1
    • ZC201P02_49A1
    • Round
    • ZY202P02_56E1
    • ZY202P02_14F1

Concerns over blue light protection level

  • Suitable for people who:
  • Work in dimly lit conditions
  • Use computers, tablets and smart phones for long hours


Industry’s highest blue light cutting ratio

    • Boston
    • ZN201P01_49A1
    • ZN201P01_64A1
    • Square
    • ZA201P01_14E1
    • ZA201P01_43E1
    • Wellington
    • ZC201P01_14E1
    • ZC201P01_49A1
    • Round
    • ZY202P01_56E1
    • ZY202P01_14F1


To ensure maximum comfort even with prolonged hours of wearing our computer glasses, we paid special attention to the frames during the design phase.

1 2
  • 1 Made using lightweight material, the frame doesn’t cause discomfort with long hours of usage.
  • 2 The 3D-fit temples wraps snugly around the shape of one’s head for an excellent fit.
1 2
  • 1 New frame design in metal and Boston shape for a trendy look with face-slimming effect.
  • 2 Rubber temple tips help minimise discomfort on ears. They are bendable and can be adjusted for a better fit.

Eyewear pouch doubles as lens cleaning cloth*

* Same pouch for both REGULAR TYPE and ULTRA TYPE

What is blue light?

Depending on the energy level and wavelength of the individual rays, sunlight contains a spectrum of colours, including blue light.

Blue light, with a shorter wavelength of 380 nanometers – 500 nanometers, contains more energy within the visible light spectrum. This is similar to that of ultraviolet rays.

Common blue light emission comes from LED screens of computers, television screens, game consoles and smartphones.


  1. 1. Blue light reduction rate is measured based on the average reduction in light wavelength between 380nm-500nm, using the lens center’s thickness of about 2mm.
  2. 2. As the lenses are coated with blue light reflective coating, users may experience glare though reflection from the rear side.
  3. 3. Users may see duplicating images when wearing these glasses
  4. 4. The blue light reflective coating on both REGULAR TYPE and ULTRA TYPE computer glasses will result in a slight yellow tint in lenses. It is nearly transparent in appearance.