Zoff UV Clear

Starting from S$58

“What is UV Clear Lens? Don’t they just look like regular glasses? How will they protect my eyes from UV rays?”

Zoff carries a unique collection of clear sunglasses, called Zoff UV Clear. Not often seen or heard of, we receive curious questions on its purpose and effectiveness. 

Zoff’s UV Clear Lens is a functional lens that cuts ultraviolet (UV) rays completely*. It blocks lights with wavelength up to 420 nanometers (nm), which means the spectrum of UVB (up to 32onm) and UVA (up to 400nm) gets blocked completely. This makes our Zoff UV Clear sunglasses a highly effective pair of shades for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Since the lenses are not tinted or coloured, anyone can put on these Zoff UV Clear sunglasses anytime, anywhere, without feeling out-of-place. These can be perfect accessories to complement your outfit and bring out the style you want to exhibit as well. 

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*Light may still enter one’s eyes from the sides of glasses.

Zoff UV Clear Sunglasses_Transparent Clear Lenses_100% UV Block Rate_UV Protection