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Clear Lens with Enhanced UV Protection

Zoff UV Clear Sunglasses are equipped with high-performance transparent lenses that gives your eyes full UV protection as they block light with wavelength up to 420 nanometres (nm).
With an anti-UV reflective coating on the back of the lens, this ensures full protection against light rays coming from all angles, all year round.


Full UV Protection

Zoff UV Clear lens, with its 100% UV cut lens, gives you the assurance of eye protection no matter where you are at any time of the day.
Suitable for all activities and lifestyles too.


Clear Sunglasses Anytime, Anywhere

Sunglasses are great fashion statements but they can’t be worn throughout the day. Bring in Zoff UV Clear lens, to make your sunglasses appear like normal glasses for you to wear them any time, any where.
With a variety of new designs, they are the perfect accessories to complement your outfit and bring out the style you want.


New Zoff UV clear lens cuts out UV rays from all angles

While most of the light enter your eyes from the front, UV rays coming in from the side of the glasses may still be reflected off the back of the lenses and into your eyes.
The new Zoff UV Clear lens is now strengthened with anti-UV reflective coating on the back of lens to minimise the occurrence of this reflection. You can now enjoy complete protection against UV rays coming from all directions.

Reflecting Coating
on back of lens



From Wellington to Boston frames, trendy metals to lightweight acetates, here’s the new Zoff UV Clear Sunglasses line up.

      • Wellington
      • Wellington
      • zf202g03_14f1
      • zf202g03_21e1

      • Round
      • Round
      • zp202g01_49e1
      • zp202g01_72e1

      • Boston
      • Boston
      • zy202g02_14f1
      • zy202g02_48f1

      • Wellington
      • Wellington
      • zy202g03_14f1
      • zy202g03_44f1

      • Boston
      • Boston
      • zf202g04_14e1
      • zf202g04_49e1

      • Boston
      • Boston
      • za201g03_29e1
      • za201g03_48a1

      • Boston
      • Boston
      • zn201g01_48a1
      • zn201g01_49a1


Lightweight models for prolonged
hours of usage

    • Boston
    • zj201g03_00a1

    • Boston
    • zj201g03_14e1

    • Boston
    • zj201g03_42a1

    • Boston
    • zj201g03_44a1

Protecting your eyes from UV rays
is also caring for your skin

Did you know that by protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays, you are also preventing skin problems such as sun spots and wrinkles?

As UV rays enter your eyes, a signal is sent to your brain to produce melanin pigments in your body, which in turn darken your skin and cause sun spots.

Strengthen your UV protection routine, protect your eyes and care for your skin.