Zoff’s Aftercare Services: We are here to help!

The average lifespan of your glasses is one to three years. During this period, you might across a number of issues with them due to daily wear and tear, such as smudged lens, loose temples and discoloured or damaged nose pads. At Zoff, we offer complimentary aftercare services for your spectacles and sunglasses, to help restore them to spanking new conditions and make them last longer.

 What are the aftercare services provided by Zoff?

Regular care and maintenance are needed to prolong the lifespan of your glasses, so you don’t have to replace them all the time. Here, we list down the type of aftercare services we provide, all for free! If you find yourself under any of the situation below, drop by our stores for consultation and see if we are able to help!

“My glasses are sliding down.” | “My spectacles feel uncomfortable.”

The way you put on and remove your glasses may cause its fit to be altered and your glasses may begin to slip off. Misalignment of the glasses will also affect the position of the lens with respect to your eyes as you view through them, ultimately causing a sense of discomfort.

Adjustments and alignment of glasses

We offer adjustments of your glasses to fit your face accordingly. If the nose pads or temples are not aligned, we can help restore them back to their correct position, so that the glasses remain comfortable when worn for prolonged periods.

“My spectacle temples are dangling.” | “The nose pads are loose.” | “My glasses’ screw is missing!”

The screws connecting the parts of your glasses may gradually loosen over time with daily use. If left unattended, the screws on the hinges that connect the front frame of the glasses to the temples may detach and fall off. The same goes for the screws of the nose pads, and might even end up missing!

Screws tightening

We would advise you to come down to our stores to consult our opticians for the tightening of screws.  We use specific screwdrivers meant for small screws in glasses and take extra care to make sure that the screw threads are not damaged or stripped when securing them in.

“My glasses need cleaning!”

Do you notice your glasses temples becoming dirty or your lenses smudgy, making it difficult for you to see? This can be due to your glasses coming into contact with your skin or dust particles in the air over long periods of usage without a wash.

Glasses cleaning

Come by our stores to have your glasses cleaned*, if you find your glasses greasy, dirty or lenses smudged. Please note that cleaning will not fix coat peelings of your lenses or frames. For such cases, we would recommend replacing your glasses.

*We do not use cleaning agents with alcohol content. Cleaning agents with alcohol content will result in discolouration of your eyewear frames.

“The nose pads are dirty.” | “My nose pad has come off.”

As your nose pads are in direct contact with your face, cosmetic and perspiration may cause an accumulation of dirt and dust on your nose pads. It is also noticeable when the nose pads become discoloured or when they start to disintegrate and come off.

Nose pad replacement

If cleaning does not help remove the dirt on your nose pads, or if they are damaged, we can help replace them with new ones at our stores*.

*Nose pads for certain spectacle frames cannot be replaced.
*Nose pad replacement is eligible depending on the condition of the nose pads. Do bring down your glasses to our stores for advice.

Your glasses are in good condition, but are they the perfect fit for you?

While there may not be any apparent issues noticed, some may still find their glasses uncomfortable.

“My spectacles are sparkling clean, but I still find my vision slightly blurry.” | “I feel dizzy viewing through my glasses.”

Approach our opticians in stores for a free eye test to check if your current lenses match your prescription needs. They can also offer advices on lenses that may suit you better and tips on how to better care for your glasses to make them last.

In addition to the free aftercare services available, Zoff offers a one-year warranty on your eyewear frames against manufacturing defects and a six-month warranty on your lenses, when you purchase your glasses from us.

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