What causes our glasses to fog up while wearing masks?

Simple tips and tricks to prevent your glasses from fogging

We believe we speak for the bespectacled community when we say one of the greatest four-eyed woe has to be our glasses fogging up. In this era of face masks, this is even more true. It is such a common frustration that a quick search online will return you with many different tips and tricks improvised to prevent your glasses from fogging when wearing your mask. In this article, we will be sharing some of our recommended measures and how each measure fares in terms of effectiveness and cost.


#1 Why do our spectacles fog up when wearing masks?
#2 Ward off fogging with these measures!
       – Simplest anti-fogging measure at low cost
       – Types of mask modifications
       – Longer lasting anti-fogging measure
       – Anti-fogging enhancements for your glasses

#1 Why do our spectacles fog up when wearing masks?

Before diving into the different measures that prevent glasses from fogging up while wearing our masks, let’s explore the reason to why it happens in the first place.

The one-word answer to this question is “condensation”. Often experienced during an abrupt change in temperature (e.g. when you exit a cold, air-conditioned room into the warm, tropical outdoors of Singapore), condensation occurs as the water vapour in the warm outdoor air changes into liquid water as it comes into contact with the cool surface of the lens.

While wearing a face mask with your glasses on, the same phenomenon occurs.  The warm breath you exhale carries water vapour that often escapes through the gap between your cheeks and mask. As the vapour hit on the cool surface of your glasses, they cool down and condense into “droplets”. Light filters through these water droplets and scatters, causing blurry vision. The change in visibility of your spectacle lenses is what you’d refer to as fogging up.

#2 Ward off fogging with these measures!

There are 2 general ways to prevent your glasses from fogging, either by making modifications to your masks or by enhancing your glasses directly. Here, we will be doing a simple comparison between the two measures on their cost, difficulty level, comfort level, longevity and overall anti-fogging rating.

Mask Modification
Cost   ★★★★★
Level of difficulty   ★
Longevity   ★★
Comfort level   ★★
Anti-fogging rating   ★★★


Glasses Enhancement
Cost   ★★
Level of difficulty   ★★★
Longevity   ★★★★★
Comfort level   ★★★
Anti-fogging rating   ★★★★


After understanding the differences between the two measures, we will be breaking down each of them and analysing their merits and drawbacks. This will help you make a more informed decision on which type of method can be best incorporated into your lifestyle.

Simplest anti-fogging measure at low cost

If you are looking for an effortless and inexpensive approach, modifying your mask would be the way to go. There are various methods to modify your mask, including adding a nose pad or tissue napkin to your mask to seal the gap between your face and the mask as much as possible. Modifying your masks is relatively easy and low cost to do, but it is nevertheless, a temporary solution. Movements can easily misalign the changes you have made to your mask, allowing your breath to escape and fog up your glasses once again.

– Cost of modification is low
– Modifications are easy to execute since they require minimal materials
– Methods are compatible to any types of spectacles and eyewear lenses

– Modification is required every time you change your mask
– Alteration to the mask may slip out of place since the changes are temporary
– Methods may not be 100% effective as they are influenced by various factors (e.g. height of nose)

Types of mask modifications

The key to mask modification is to minimise any gaps between your cheeks and the mask. This will prevent water vapour from escaping and fogging up your glasses. Below are some simple methods and items that you can use to fit your mask to your face.

Use nose bridge pads or masks fitted with nose wires

Anti-fogging measures for eyewear_Use nose bridge pads
Hana pad” refers to “nose bridge pads”

If there are gaps when wearing your masks, you can consider purchasing nose bridge pads that are sold separately. The nose bridge pads are made to conform to the shape of your face so it will effectively close up any gaps when wearing the pad-attached mask. If you find it too laborious and wasteful to replace the nose bridge pads every time you change your masks, choose masks that already have a nose wire affixed in them. The wire can be moulded along the contours of your face for a better fit.

Fold the top of the mask inwards

Anti-fogging measures for eyewear_Fold top of the mask inwards
Soukai” translates to the colloquial term “shiok” or “satisfied”

This is an easy trick that requires no additional materials: just fold the top portion of your mask in towards you. You can try this out with your mask immediately and observe the effectiveness of this modification in reducing fogging!

Attach tissue napkins to the inside of your mask

Anti-fogging measures for eyewear_attach tissue napkin on the insides of the mask
Soukai” translates to the colloquial term “shiok” or “satisfied”

A method recommended by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, simply fold a piece of tissue napkin over twice (into four parts) to form a long strip and attach it to the inside of your mask. Even with the extra napkin in place, the appearance of your mask remains natural and it is very useful in preventing your glasses from fogging up. Grab a piece of tissue and give this a try now!

Longer lasting anti-fogging measure

Not a fan of modifying your mask all the time and would prefer a longer lasting solution? We say enhance your glasses directly!          

For instance, you can apply a layer of Zoff’s Anti-Fog Spray on your eyewear lenses so they don’t fog up as easily. As long as the anti-fog layer stays on, you can continue your activities without having to adjust your mask at all. If it starts to wear off, all you need to do is spritz on a new lasting layer of anti-fog protection.

– Long lasting anti-fogging effect
– The type of mask does not influence the effectiveness of this method
– Not affected by breath vapour escaping through gaps of the mask

– Cost can be relatively higher, as compared to mask modification
– Need to be mindful of how the spectacles are maintained or wiped

Anti-fogging enhancements for your glasses

Anti-fogging measures for eyewear_Zoff Anti-Fog Spray and Lens Cleaner Spray_

For constant glasses-wearers, it may be more helpful to have your eyewear lenses clear from fogging for the long run. While there are many eyewear accessories with anti-fogging properties in the market, including anti-fogging eyewear cleaning cloth, creams, and anti-fogging sheets, we would recommend to keep a bottle of Zoff’s Anti-Fog Spray on hand to fight against fogging lenses on-the-go.

Zoff Anti-Fogging Spray

Anti-fogging measures for eyewear_Zoff Anti-Fog Spray

Zoff Anti-Fog Spray, a blend of cleaning solution and ethanol, comes in a compact bottle that can be carried around easily, giving you the convenience to enjoy its anti-fogging properties at all times.

To apply, spray the anti-fog solution on both sides of each lens after shaking the bottle lightly. With an eyewear cleaning cloth, spread the solution lightly across the surfaces. Leave the solution to dry for 20 to 30 seconds and gently wipe off any excess liquid. You may also approach our friendly staff in stores for a demonstration and advice on how to prolong the anti-fog layer on your eyewear lenses*.

*Time span of anti-fog layer protection on eyewear lenses varies depending on different factors (e.g. maintenance of eyewear and lenses, humidity)

Modifying your masks can be done easily without spending too much time and money. On the other hand, using an Anti-Fog Spray can give you a longer lasting and more effective result. Either methods have their own advantages and drawbacks, so do try out the different methods we have listed to find the best fit for your lifestyle and preference!

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