Match Your Eyewear to the Trendy Colours of 2020

Stay on top of your fashion game with the hottest in-season colours, not just in the apparel you choose, but also the glasses you’re sporting.

With a variety of designs, any age can don a pair of trendy spectacles to stand out in a crowd.

Read on to see some of our recent favourites!

Trendspotting: Two Colours to Look Out For

This season, we cast our eyes on two colours that exude an air of maturity and refined gentleness to add to our wardrobes and accessories shelves. Sage green – a colour that produces a refreshing, sophisticated matureness, and pastel lavender – which gives a feminine impression with a gentle presence. These soft colours work great with many colours and add a touch of modernity to your style.

Which do you prefer?

Trendspotting_Two Colours_Sage Green 1_Zoff CLASSIC Glasses

# 01 Sage Green
Understated elegance


Feminine, silhouette tops in sage green balances the sweet image and brings out a factor of modernity. Match them with a white skirt for a quiet charm, and pair the outfit with a patterned bag to create a more distinct character for the image you want to portray. Walk this outfit out with a pair of neutral-coloured ballet pumps for a casual weekend brunch, or wedges for a simple movie date.

Trendspotting_Two Colours_Sage Green 2_Zoff CLASSIC Glasses
Boston shape metal frame glasses in gradient brown: ZF202001_48E1 | Zoff CLASSIC Collection

How to Pair with Glasses

If the overall coordination is light-coloured, it is recommended to use dark-coloured frames to complement the whole look. If you select a delicate design and a gold-coloured metal pair of spectacles, you can create a light and elegant impression. For a more edgy look, check out the classic Boston type frame with a vintage feel. With the trendy Boston shape eyewear, you can achieve a modern finish with a soft look.

Trendspotting_Two Colours_Pastel Lavender 1_Zoff CLASSIC Glasses

# 02 Pastel Lavender
Natural and sheer


Feminine pastel lavender is put together in a relaxed style to give off a sheer sweet impression that is not too overpowering. Layering long shirts over basic tops and pants can help to lengthen the torso. This colour works great with natural colours such as beige and white, and with that, you can put forth a unique modern style of your own.

Trendspotting_Two Colours_Pastel Lavender 2_Zoff CLASSIC Glasses
Hexagonal shape metal frame glasses in rose gold: ZF203003_21E1 | Zoff CLASSIC Collection

How to Pair with Glasses

Hexagonal shaped frames seem like they’re going to stay for a while longer, and we’re not surprised! Combining roundness with straight lines, this eyewear style is the best of both worlds as it complements many face shapes, even those who are averse to round spectacle frames. This current hot seller comes in one of the most versatile and popular colours – rose gold – and forms a lovely combination with pastel lavender. For a mature look, try wearing a pair of metal frame glasses that adds a slight sparkle to your eyes. The simple yet playful frame design is perfect for a comfortable style on laidback days.

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