Video Conferencing with Glasses

How to look good for your Zoom meetings without a full face make up

With the introduction of working from home, many have opted to go make-up free. This is the golden opportunity for your skin to breathe without all the layers of products and you can now sleep-in. Who’s there to notice anyway? But when it comes to the conference meeting with your bosses and clients at 10 AM, there is no escaping from having to look presentable for the cameras.

In this article, we will share some tips to make you look as good with minimal make up and how different glasses designs can switch up the impressions you want to give. 

#1 How to look as great even with minimal make up?

Skipping certain non-essential steps in your make up routine would mean saving another minute of prep time to stay in bed. But missing out on those steps may also mean missing out on that spot coverage or the additional brightening effect. What are some methods to replace those make up steps and make your skin and complexion look as perfect?

Make use of natural light for a natural glow

Sit near a window to let natural light fall on you. Alternatively, you may set up desk lamps for additional lights.

Wear bright coloured tops to add vibrancy to your complexion

Know that you have a warm or cool skin tone? Even better. Choose tops that complements your skin tone for a brightening boost!

Use camera filter applications and programmes that beautifies your skin

Virtual backgrounds, effects and filters have been all the rage for everyone working from home. Make use of beautifying filters and/or brightening effects to cover any blemishes while on camera.

#2 Adding dimensions to your look with glasses

Eyewear can be used to add dimensions to your appearance, even with minimal make up on. Wearing certain eyewear design can change and improve the way you appear on screen. Here are some eyewear picks which we think can help you make an impactful impression for your next conference call.

Oversized glasses for impromptu video conferences

Zoff_Magazine Video_Conferencing_with_Glasses Working_From_Home Oversized_Glasses

[EFFECT]: Face-slimming | Hides tired eyes

[RECOMMENDED]: Zoff UV Clear Sunglasses | ZA201G03_29E1

Waking up to sudden video conference request from your boss in the morning? Hide your swollen face behind an oversized frame as it gives an illusion of a smaller face to the other party. No time for your eyebrows and eyeliners? No worries. The glasses’ thicker rims can help draw away any unwanted attention from your bare face and tired eyes.

Accessorising with a golden pair

Zoff_Magazine Video_Conferencing_with_Glasses Working_From_Home Gold_Metal_Frames

[EFFECT]: Reduces dull appearance | Brightens facial complexion


A golden piece, which complements well with Asian skin tone, can instantly lift up dull complexions. The sparkling gold lustre adds femininity to your appearance, especially when combined with glossy lips and highlighted cheeks.

Shine through a black-rimmed frame

Zoff_Magazine Video_Conferencing_with_Glasses Working_From_Home Black_Rimmed_Glasses

[EFFECT]: Bigger and brighter eyes | Sharp and formal appearance


The contrast of the black-rimmed glasses and your skin tone brings a shine to your eyes, allowing them to appear bigger and brighter. Choose a polygonal-shaped frame for a sharp and edgy look while a Boston-shaped frame can create a softer and smarter impression. Ever so versatile, they are the go-to pair for all settings and occasions.

Slim metals frames for sophistication

Zoff_Magazine Video_Conferencing_with_Glasses Working_From_Home Slim_Metal_Frames

[EFFECT]: For an elegant impression | UV protection indoors

[RECOMMENDED]: Zoff UV Clear Sunglasses | ZF202G03_14F1

Go for a delicately designed slim frame for an elegant and sophisticated look. With retro back in trend, style the pair by putting your hair together with a padded satin headband or bedazzled pearl snap clips. The Zoff UV Clear Sunglasses features 100% UV cut clear lenses, protecting you against harmful UV rays that are also present indoors.

Find out more about the collection here

Keep it functional: PC glasses

Zoff_Magazine Video_Conferencing_with_Glasses Working_From_Home PC_Glasses

[EFFECT]: Reduces blue light exposure and tiredness in eyes

[RECOMMENDED]: Zoff PC Pack | ZY202P02_56E1

If you find yourself spending more time on your computer and mobile phone while working from home, Zoff PC glasses will be the perfect pair for you. The lenses have a natural tint, cutting up to 35% of blue light. With rubber temples to minimise discomfort on your ears, they can be worn for prolonged hours. Put on a bright lip colour to complement this Boston metal pair!

Check out the other designs and higher blue light protection options here

A perfect accessory to transition your mood from rest to work, glasses can serve as a great alternative to your usual, complete make up routine too. You can now portray different personalities and decide the impression that you would like to give to the other party simply by your choice of eyewear.

Begin your styling journey for the cameras with a pair of glasses here: