Sometimes, your outfit can speak louder than words. See how these 3 outfits let your personality or mood shine through.

Whether it is a conscious effort or not, there are occasions where your personality shines through, your clothes, that is. Perhaps you’re like us – you have that one outfit for the chill, off-days when you want to look and feel relaxed, or that favourite loud jacket you wear on days you feel chirpy and aren’t afraid of some extra attention.

We spoke with our 2019 Brand Ambassador, Mediacorp 987 DJ, Kimberly Wang (@ohhowstrange), on how style can speak one’s mood and also heard about how she styles herself based on different moods.

1. Powered Up

On days you have an important meeting and you want that extra boost of confidence. You feel pumped up to start the day and conquer whatever comes your way.

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Kimberly Wang_Powered Up_Chic_Shades

For Kimberly, it starts off with her power colour, pink. A sharp, clean-cut jacket in a bright hue of pink layered over a simple white top, paired with tailored white pants for that power walk.

Accessorize with a solid shape bag and add the final touch with a distinctive pair of shades as a statement piece.

Kimberly on her #PoweredUp look:

“Bring up your cool-factor by putting on a pair of shades with your suit. Adds a little mystery and sass as well. You can also choose to match your eyewear with the colour of your suit, for instance pink-on-pink will look really nice too!”

Assemble your own power getup with a strong colour and a pair of edgy sunglasses. A pair of polygonal shaped frame, or mirror lenses are two examples of what we will consider!

2. Lazy

Kimberly Wang_Lazy Day Style_Large Oversized Sunglasses_Polygonal Frame_Sunglasses 2019

On those days you gather all your willpower not to hit the snooze button for the 8th time in the morning. It is that outfit you pull out from your wardrobe with familiarity, grab your essentials, including a pair of sunglasses to cover the sleepiness from your eyes, and rush out of house after gulping down your morning coffee.

Close friends and family can instantly guess your mood when they see you in this outfit, only because they have seen you in it countless times.

Kimberly’s secret to conquering lazy days:

“When sticking to casual wear, I tend to open for a pair of eyewear that is more eye catching so it can be the centre or attention. Also gives you instant plus points for style on a late-day.”

No time or energy for styling? Kimberly’s tip on an eye-catching pair of eyewear is a perfect way to hide the laziness and amp up your style.

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3. Preppy

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Preppy style has made a comeback and gained a fair bit of attention recently, appearing on runways and the front of store displays. Like many others, we love some preppy style from time to time. However, this look has had some evolution, and while it still breathes an air of exclusivity and prestige, the nuances lie in the patterns, colours, and how they are put together in one getup.

Kimberly’s version of preppy comes in the form of a wholesome, clean look. She opts for a turtle-neck top with hair neatly straightened and swept to the side, well-defined brows with large metal frame glasses to accentuate that studious look.

Kimberly’s thoughts on her interpretation of preppy:

“Glasses as an accessory? Check! Bring a dose of preppy-chic to your meetings or even on a date. I like this pair cause it’s both fashionable and functional – super lightweight!”

Gone are the days when glasses were for those with eye care needs. People now opt to wear glasses to protect their eyes from digital screens’ blue light or ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight. Some simply wear them as accessories to complete their look. 

Complete your preppy-chic look with large metal frames, but choose the shape wisely so as to complement your face shape.

Got a favourite style to flaunt? We’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @zoffsg if you’re donned in Zoff’s glasses!